Superfood for Plants 16oz Pump Bottle

Superfood for Plants 16oz Pump Bottle

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Organic Plant Extract 2-1-3 - Plant Food for Hardy Plants

Provides food and biostimulant to all growing plants
  • 100% Organic Plant Food 3-1-2
  • 35% Organic Matter
  • High in Carbohydrates
  • Contains Amino Acids and Peptides
  • High in Carbon

Best for Indoor House Plants, Container Gardens and Potted Plants

How to use it

Preferred application method: Mix .5oz. of concentrate (1-3 pumps) in 1 qt. of water. Apply to plants as a root drench. Can also be applied as a foliar through a hand held pump sprayer. (If sprayed, for best results also spray soil in the root zone area. (Plant Extract 2-1-3 helps feed soil microbes.) Re-apply every 20-30-days.

What is in it:

2% N (Water soluble Nitrogen) Available Phosphate1%(P205) Organic Phosphate 1%, Soluble Potash 3%(K20) 3% water soluble Potash.
Derived from Hydrolyzed Vegetable Extract. Total Organic Matter 35%