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SPRAY AIDE is a concentrated COMPATIBILTY-ACIDIFYING-SURFACTANT agent designed to improve spray tank compatibility of pesticides, to lower the pH of spray tank water or liquid fertilizer solution, as a spreader for use with pesticides and to reduce soil crusting. 

Add SPRAY AIDE to the spray tank or aircraft pre-mix tank at the rate of 6oz. to 16oz. per 100 gallons of spray mix.(Metric: 177 to 475cc per 380 liters) sequential mixing often causes spray tank problems. For most mixes, add SPRAY AIDE to the spray tank before any pesticides. Add SPRAY AIDE, then pesticides, after the tank is 1/2 to 3/4 full of water or liquid fertilizer, while the tank continues to fill with the agitator running. Under some conditions, with some tank mixes, foaming can be a problem. 

WASHINGTON STATE ONLY: (For all uses listed on the label): Use SPRAY AIDE at a concentration not to exceed 30% of the total amount of formulated pesticide(s) to be applied per acre in the spray tank.

COMPATIBILTY AGENT- Rate: 4 to 8 oz. per 100 gals. water or liquid fertilizer. Most pesticide applications are spray tank mixes of a number of products and types of product formulations. Many applications are made with minor incompatibilities, such as small floccules of product in the water. Most of these go unnoticed because they do not clog nozzles or screens. These minor incompatibilities often reduce the activity of the spray application. SPRAY AIDE is effective for maintaining good compatibility in the spray tank for most agricultural spray products and formulations sprayed in water or in liquid fertilizer solutions. To improve the compatibility of herbicide and insecticide combinations applied in NITROGEN SOLUTIONS or in LIQUID FERTILIZER SOLUTIONS, add 8ozs. to 16ozs. of SPRAY AIDE to the NITROGEN or FERTILIZER SOLUTION before the herbicides or insecticides are put into the tank. To test compatibilities or unproven mixes before placing them in the spray tank, use a simple bottle test of small proportioned amounts of each component to be added.


1Pt. Liquid/100 Gal. = 1 Level Teaspoonful/Gal. 

2Lbs. Wettable Powder/100 Gal. = 11/2 Level Tablespoonful/Gal.

Also use proper sequential mixing procedure for bottle test and spray tank. When the spray tank is at least half full and continuing to fill with agitation, first add SPRAY AIDE, then add WETTABLE POWDERS and FLOWABLES. Allow to mix for 3 to 4 minutes. Then add EMULSIFIABLE CONCENTRATES, SLOWLY. Last, put other additives in the tank, such as stickers or extenders (NU FILM). No other surfactants, spreaders, wetting agents, or herbicide activators are needed as SPRAY AIDE is an excellent product for these functions. After each days spraying, rinse tank, lines and nozzles with water. 

ACIDIFYER AGENT- Rate: 6 to 12 oz. per 100 gals. water or liquid fertilizer. Many agricultural chemicals degrade rapidly in high pH (alkaline) water. It is very common to have well water or irrigation canal water with a pH of 8.0 to 8.5 Phosphate insecticides and many other pesticides degrade rapidly, when placed in this water. This effect can reduce the activity of pesticides before spraying operation is completed. SPRAY AIDE helps to protect the chemical investment through pH adjustment. SPRAY AIDE will generally lower the pH of alkaline (high pH) water by 2 or more pH points. Reduction of pH will vary from one water to another; however SPRAY AIDE is active enough, in most waters , to adjust the pH into safe range. SPRAY AIDE does not affect the soluble salt content of the water.

TANK CLEANING - SPRAY AIDE is an excellent tank cleaner. Continued use of the product will help keep tanks, lines, screens and nozzles clean. Use at the rate of 6 to 16oz. per 100 gals. of water or spray mix. 

COTTON SPINDLE CLEANING- Rate: 6oz. per 50 gals. of water, or 3 oz. per 25 gals. picker tank. While filling tank with water, add SPRAY AIDE when about one-half full. Mix thoroughly with water by circulation  or by stirring. 

ELECTROSTATIC, CONVENTIONAL and GALLENBERG type spray systems- Rate: 4 to 6 oz. per 100 gals. Of water on a continued basis will help to keep tanks, lines, screens, and nozzles clean from particle build-up associated with soluble bag and wettable powder formulations. 

SURFACTANT and HERBICIDE ACTIVATOR- Rate: 4 to 16 oz. per 100 gals. water or liquid fertilizer. SPRAY AIDE functions as a spreader and herbicide activator by helping to reduce the surface tension of spray water droplets. SPRAY AIDE is especially useful when applied with contact herbicides. 

ANTI-CRUSTIN AGENT FOR SOILS: Reduction or prevention of crusting is necessary for any seeding operation of small-seeded vegetables. Increasing soil organic matter and limiting the number of secondary tillage operations that reduce soil-particle size will help prevent soil crusting. In addition, applying SPRAY AIDE over the row at planting will help reduce later crusting caused by heavy, compacting rains. Use at the rate of 2 gals. per 100 gals. water. Apply this mix at 4 gals. per 1,000 ft. of row in a 2 to 4 inch band, which is about equal to 52 gals. of mix per acre.