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A Dynamic Ecosystem For Better Plant Life

Organic Fertilizer

Superfood For Your Plants

HardyGro's Superfood product's not only support a dynamic ecosystem, they are biostimulants that help produce hardy strong plants and enrich the soil with life giving microbiom that is essential to all plant life.


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Why HardyGro?

We believe nature has given us a dynamic ecosystem. When this ecosystem is in balance plants thrive, fruits and vegetables are full of flavor and nutrition, leaves are green and flowers are colorful. Through photosynthesis, plants also provide clean fresh air to breathe.  

Probiotic extracts and beneficial microbes are natural superfoods that make up a powerful microbiome. Protecting and replenishing them are important to all plant life and to assure sustainability.  

Healthy plants need a healthy soil microbiome to survive and thrive. HardyGro provides superfoods like probiotic extracts, beneficial microbes, and organic mineral nutrition that support a balanced and dynamic ecosystem.


  • Greenhouse & Nurseries
  • Fruit & Vegetable Growers
  • Turfgrass & Ornamental
  • Arborist & Landscapers
  • Viticulturists
  • Corn & Soy Bean Farmers

Environmentally Safe

People & Pet Friendly

Our plant food and soil health products are safe for children and pets, especially when diluted and applied as directed. Many of these natural plant foods are derived from natural ingredients and/or a well-balanced organic, water soluble blend of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus plus important micronutrients. They do NOT contain any toxins or heavy metals and release their nutrients slowly giving your plants long-lasting, healthy results.

Our plant food and soil health products are safe for your family and better for the earth. No harsh chemicals, ever. And the best part is, they work. They work with nature to deliver great results without risky chemicals.

Commitment To
Better Life

HardyGro is committed to creating a better life for our customers and the planet. With every purchase a donation is made to to plant a tree! Our commitment doesn't stop there. Our products give you more than just a hardy plant and healthy soil. They create a better environment for us to live in!


Our Products Support

Healthy High Carbon &
High Organic Matter Soil,
Robust Microbial Rhizosphere
& Root Systems,
Organic & Mineral Nutrition,
Hardy, Productive & Fruitful Plants.

The Clean Air to Breathe is a Bonus!