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Home & Garden Superfoods

Most everyone understands all plants need air, water and nutrients to grow, but have you considered how and where all these dynamics take place? It’s in the soil. Plants are fed mostly through the root system deep within the soil. Trees, landscape plants, vegetable gardens, flowerbeds and even houseplants rely on a healthy soil environment. The soil is where roots and plants can feed on the air, water, and nutrients they need.

But what about the soil? Healthy soil is alive and full of vitality. Healthy soils contain an abundance of life giving microorganisms that do the work of gathering the nutrition within the soil and feeding it to the plants. Every cubic inch of healthy soil is a miniature world of beneficial living biological organisms called the soil microbiome. These microorganisms carry out nature’s amazing process of breaking down organic matter, making it available to plant roots. Those roots take up these life-giving elements to nourish the plant.


Plant Superfoods

Hardygro Superfoods for Plants not only deliver nutrition, organic Nitrogen, Phosphoreus and Potassium (NPK) but also are high in Carbon, organic matter and sugars from plant extract which all provide food for the plant and soil.

Soil Superfoods

HardyGro Superfoods for Soil feeds the soil by adding more microbes such as Mycorrhizae and Trichoderma fungi. These are important all natural soil probiotics that will super charge your soil. Our superfood for soil also contains Calcium, important for cell growth, Sulfur, important for photosynthesis and organic water soluble Nitrogen, essential for all plant development.


Nutritious Food

Healthy Soil & Hardy Plants

When we eat food from living plants that came from living soil, our body draws nutrients from that food to stay alive and be healthy. If we look at it in reverse... we stay alive by consuming nutrition from living plants that depend on living soil. Looking at it this way we can clearly see how important healthy soil is to a balanced ecosystem. HardyGro Superfoods help you grow nutritious fruits and vegetables.

& Our Environment

House plants are fun to grow and they beautify our environments but did you know houseplants can significantly improve indoor air quality? All plants love and need Carbon. Through a process called photosynthesis plants draw Carbon from the air,cleaning the air in the process. Plants turn this Carbon Dioxide into Carbon and from Carbon to sugar for the soil microbes to feed on. Through a process called respiration, as plants live and grow they return back clean air to our atmosphere. HardyGro Superfoods help improve your houseplants ability to live and thrive by helping to provide a balanced ecosystem.