Safe Fertilizer for People and Pets

Better Life!

Why We Do What We Do

People and Pet Friendly

At HardyGro, we offer natural and biologically active nutrients for soil and plants.  When you buy our products, you’re also making an investment in a better quality of life. We offer all-natural fertilizer and soil amendments that are safe for people and pets.

Enjoy Your Yard, Garden or Greenhouse Without Worry

Outdoor living has never been more popular. You want to enjoy the fellowship of family and friends in the midst of natural beauty. You want to serve fresh, healthy food to your family and guests. At HardyGro, we believe in protecting the things we value most.

Don’t compromise when it comes to growing fresh fruits and vegetables, caring for your lawn, creating beautiful landscapes, or growing houseplants. Our organic, all safe fertilizer improves your plantings from the roots up. We only offer products that support nature’s dynamic ecosystem. We believe healthy soil produces hardy plants; and hardy plants produce nutritious foods; and nutritious foods produce... happy and healthy people.

That’s our mission at HardyGro.

When we select ingredients for our safe fertilizers and soil amendments, we are committed to only choosing products that support and sustain a dynamic ecosystem. Mother Nature has graciously provided it for us. It’s our responsibility—and privilege—to preserve it. We’d like that to be our legacy.

HardyGro!: Products that protect the things we value and give us all a Better Life!