It takes over 1,000 years to naturally create 1 inch of topsoil... Can’t wait that long?

How to speed this process right now today right now today.

Developing quality top soil will help put more carbon into the ground, fortify the soils microbial ecosystem and also improve the soil structure and organic matter. Ultimately it increases the quality of plants and food.

Here are ways to increase the building of top soil & increase plant growth in your yard and garden today.

Use plant growth products that are natural and organic. Products that promote microbial population in the soil.

Allow grass in your yard to grow a bit longer before mowing. This encourages more root growth below ground. Longer grass leaves also means more grassy leaf area – and that means more CO2 is captured

Plant perennials! Plants that live longer accumulate biomass – which is made of carbon (the woody stems or trunks, and their extensive roots.)

Cover your soil – either with plants, and/or with mulch. Bare soil is prone to erosion, and does not create the best plant growth environment. Mulch conserves moisture and supplies nutrients to the soil. The mulch will decompose, and its nutrients will be released to the soil.

Utilize a minimal amount as reasonably possible of tillage. Tillage can disturb the microorgansims with the top soil.

Add compost to your soil, composting is a combination of natural materials that decompose to become organic matter. Compost contains nutrients that act as natural fertilizer and compost can effectively improve soil structure, reduce compaction, and improve water retention.