CropSil - silicon (Si) based biostimulant, 8oz Bottle
CropSil - silicon (Si) based biostimulant, 8oz Bottle
CropSil - silicon (Si) based biostimulant, 8oz Bottle
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, CropSil - silicon (Si) based biostimulant, 8oz Bottle
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, CropSil - silicon (Si) based biostimulant, 8oz Bottle

CropSil - silicon (Si) based biostimulant, 8oz Bottle

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Supercharge your spray medium! 

CropSIL is a beneficial plant nutrient enhancer produced from silicon that is virtually found in all soils,
but not available to plants. This patented formulation of stabilized Orthosilicic acid (OSA), otherwise known
as Monosilicic Acid provides an extensive list of Features & Benefits.

Features :

  • Consists of bio-available silicon (Si)
  • Applied through the leaves (foliar spray is preferred) and the root system (via hydroponic)
  • Compatible with fertilizers and crop protection products
  • Environmentally safe and non-toxic, approved for organic growing in Canada, US and EU
  • Applicable on all kinds of crops and all types of growing systems


  • Increased plant cell wall strength
  • Increased vigor and stress resistance
  • Improved crop quality and rooting
  • Increased nutrient uptake
  • Increased concentration of chlorophyll in leaf tissue

CropSIL has proven efficacy as an Immunity & Yield Booster of plants in crops like trees fruits, berries, vegetables, flowers, cereals, pulses, legumes, corn, turf grasses,
greenhouse & open field cultivation.

CropSIL is stabilized silicic acid used to supercharge your spray medium by creating a silicic acid working solution. By adding a small amount of CropSIL to your water, you can improve the performance of watering and foliar spraying your crops. CropSIL also optimizes all other inputs in a tank mix allowing for a reduction in the usage of chemical inputs.

With a super charged solution, plants build stronger cell walls, larger more erect leaves with increased chlorophyll production and increased root mass that will optimize the improved uptake of nutrients, leading to more natural vigor and an increased resistance to stress. Therefore, the need for copious amounts of fertility and protective chemical inputs that also damage and toxify our environment is greatly reduced. Thus, enabling plants and crops to grow in a more natural way to produce healthier and sustainable outcomes.

The product is very alkaline with a high pH, and can, therefore, be used effectively to raise the pH of hydroponic nutrient solutions. It is highly beneficial to plants at very low rates as a foliar spray or drip. CropSIL can be mixed with other chemical or organic fertilizers and nutrients.

General Sprays Solution: 64 oz/acre/growing season
- First spray: 1.5 tsp. (0.25 oz.) per gallon.
- Second spray: 1.5 tsp. (0.25 oz.) per gallon.
- Third spray: 1.5 tsp. (0.25 oz.) per gallon.
- Fourth spray (optional) 1.5 tsp. (0.25 oz.) per gallon.

CropSIL® seedlings/sapling transplanting treatment. When seedlings or saplings are ready for transplanting, we must try to avoid transplant shock, by disturbing the roots system as little as possible.

  • Disrupt or damage the roots as little as possible and take along as much of the roots as feasible
  • water thoroughly after transplanting
  • always make sure the root-ball stays moist when transplanting.

Solution: Use a concentration of 1.5 teaspoon CropSIL® per gallon of water

Dip roots: Gently dip roots into solution or give a root drench once re-planted. 4 spray schemes for CropSIL® over growing cycle
1. First spray: 3 real leaves have appeared
2. Second spray: 2-3 weeks after spray 1
3.Third spray: 2-3 weeks after spray 2
4. Fourth spray: optional; + 2-3 weeks after spray 3

CropSIL Seed and Cuttings Treatment
Place the seeds or (bare) cuttings into a bucket or container, containing a 2% CropSIL® solution and stir gently. Allow seeds or cuttings to soak for approximately 12-24 hours in solution or do a drench at time of planting.

Solution: Use a concentration of 1.5 teaspoon (0.25 fl. oz.) per gallon of lukewarm water.

Soaking time: Min. 6 hours, Max 24 hours. The optimum temperature should be maintained at 60oF to 80oF. Once seeds have been soaked in CropSIL® solution and fully absorbed as much water as it needs. The seeds will swell to a larger size, feel soft in texture, and appear a few shades lighter or darker in color, it means that the water has fully penetrated the seed through the skin/husk to cause germination in the embryo.
Sowing: Remove seeds from CropSIL® solution and sowing directly into growing medium. The soaking
solution can be used as a drench for planted seeds.