Greenstim 2-8-14, natural plant fertilizer extracts

Greenstim 2-8-14, natural plant fertilizer extracts

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GREENSTIM® 2-8-14 is a proprietary liquid fertilizer combined with plant betaines. As a foliar nutritional supplement, it promotes vigorous root and plant growth during periods of environmental stress. Greenstim is designed to strengthen crop resistance or recovery from abiotic environmental stress, such as heat and moisture stress. It also helps maintain healthy growth.

Derived from: potassium hydroxide, ammonium phosphates, kelp, copper EDTA, iron EDTA

Universal crop use
Creates phloem and xylem mobility
Contains phosphate
Quick visible response
More systemic transport
Reduces effects of abiotic stress, such as: Cold, heat, and excessive moisture
Immediate form of energy available to plants


GREENSTIM 2-8-14, is an effective way for growers to encourage robust growth because it promotes the plant’s own natural growth process. Greenstim’s potassium encourages root growth and helps plants resist disease by strengthening natural resistance mechanisms. It is also involved in the opening and closing of the stomata, controlling the flow of water in the plant and improving resistance to drought. By helping plant cells maintain their turgidity, they increase plant tissue strength reducing breaks and tears that become entry points for pathogens. It can serve as a catalyst within a plant system and is essential both for translocation of sugars and for starch formation. Greenstim’s natural plant fertilizer extracts assist in developing feeder roots, which enables the plant to be more effective and efficient in the uptake of nutrients.

GREENSTIM allows nutrition to move both up and down in the plant reducing environmental stress.

Key crops include, but are not limited to: table grapes, tomatoes, cantaloupes, bell peppers, squash and cucumbers

Foliar application recommended

Applications may be applied by ground or air in sufficient water coverage

Compatible with most pesticides

Apply during transplanting, first bloom and during crop and nutritional stress conditions