Millerplex 3-3-3, kelp-based balanced fertilizer

Millerplex 3-3-3, kelp-based balanced fertilizer

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MILLERPLEX® 3-3-3 is a kelp-based balanced fertilizer nutrient formula designed for soil or foliar use on crops. Millerplex is a complement to a well-balanced crop fertility plan. It contains 3% nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium and has been found to assist in plant health and vigor. Millerplex contains Miller’s proprietary Express Technology and exclusive Transcuticular Delivery System® (TDS) designed to increase absorption and translocation of the product into the plants with minimal loss from leaf surfaces.

Derived from the seaweed extract, ascophyllum nodosum
Contains Miller’s proprietary Express Technology
Utilizes Miller’s exclusive Transcuticular Delivery System®
Does not contain synthetic plant growth regulators
Supplements normal soil fertility during plant physiological demands periods

  • Excellent deposition of applied nutrients
  • Transcuticular Delivery System encourages increased absorption into the plant with minimal loss from leaf surface
  • Improves nutrient efficiency for increased crop production, quality and yield
  • Enhances bloom and flower vigor
  • Increases fruit/nut size and weight
  • Reduces stress of plants

Millerplex contains sea plant extracts, proteins in the form of amino acids, a micronutrient package to enhance energy, carbohydrates from natural plant sources that strengthen plant metabolism and uses Miller’s Transcuticular Delivery System to secure absorption and translocation of all materials. Millerplex strengthens cell walls, plant stems and increases nutrient response, especially during periods of abiotic stress.

Key crops include, but are not limited to: almonds, table grapes, cotton, corn, bell peppers and nectarines

Apply in foliar sprays or irrigation water as a complement to a well-balanced crop fertility program

Apply during pre-bloom/bloom or post bloom